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About BUGs

Our annual Black Farmers & Urban Gardners (BUGs) National Conference contributes to the empowerment and resilience of Black agriculture worldwide, with the specific goal of creating more equitable and sustainable food systems.

Our National Conference Connects Leaders Across the Country

  • 2010 – Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn College (Keynotes: Will Allen, Ralph Paige)

  • 2011 – Bronx, NY at Hostos Community College (Keynotes: K. Rashid Nuri, Audrey Rowe)

  • 2013 – Brooklyn, NY at NYC Boys and Girls High School (Keynotes: Ben Burkett, Dr. Monica White)

  • 2014 – Detroit, MI (Keynotes: LaDonna Redmen, Bryant Terry)

  • 2015 – Oakland, CA (Keynote: Dr. Gail Myers)

  • 2016 – NYC at Harlem Renaissance H.S. (Keynotes: Savi Horne, Owusu Bandele, Walter Andrew Hill)

  • 2017 – Atlanta, GA at Georgia University (Keynote: Shirley Sherrod)

  • 2018 – Raleigh-Durham, NC (Keynotes: Dr. Monica White, Leah Penniman)

  • 2019 – NYC at New School (Keynote: Dr. Heber Brown)

  • 2022 – Atlanta, GA at Georgia University (Keynotes: Dr. Gail Myers, Stephen Satterfield)


Our Community

Building Community

Many thriving partnerships and initiatives have originated from our annual conference.


Our Impact

Making Change

More than 600 participants annually; our conference’s strong impact on the industry is growing.


Our Culture

Paying Respect

Our ancestral lineage is rooted in culture, land, food, and community. We celebrate life!

Our Team

Founded in 2010, the Black Farmers & Urban Gardners (BUGs) National Conference was formed to nurture collective Black agrarian leadership and reimagine Black futures. 

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